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Volume to reel silk screen printer
  • Volume to reel silk screen printer

Volume to reel silk screen printer

Thin film switch、Computer keyboard line、Zebra paper、PET Surface mount、Remote control、IMD、Synthetic paperand other precision roll flat printing

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Machine parameters





Max printing area(MM)


Max mesh frame(MM)


Feeding width(MM)


Maximum diameter of Receiving seat(MM)


Printing speedPCS/HR)


Raw material thickness(MM)


Main features:
1.Vertical structure electromotion machine is made up of feeding traction printing drying and collection .
2.PLC program control human-machine operation interface precision alignment controlled by photoelectric eye automatic detection monitoring function machine will shutdown and alarming when it is abnormal .
3.Aluminum parts printing beam machine nose halftone folder .
4.Servo motor traction feeding with stable&accurate speed .
5.Inverter motor drive printing knife shelf quadrate linear precision guide rail adjust the speed and stroke independently .
6.Halftone is drived up and down by variable speed gear motor high precision and move smoothly .
7.The overall grinding high strength and hardness platform with suction hole on it .
8.Sino-foreign joint strength vacuum pump vacuum strength to ensure the accurate multi-color chromatography .
9.There are three printing models(such as manual model semi-auto model and full-auto model)It equipped with many kinds if adjusting modes Printing time can be controlled by digit (1-9seconds) .
10.Independent halftone clamps device makes it easy to clean load and unload screen printing plate ink-return blade and squeegee .
11.It is equipped with screen space regulating device around screen printing plate arm clamps and adjust conveniently .
12.The angle of printing&ink return can be adjusted with left/right parallel device .
13.IR vertical type oven hot air circulating POD adjust controller .
14.Collection is fastening meatly .




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