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CCD screen priter
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  • CCD screen priter
  • CCD screen priter

CCD screen priter

Liquid Crystal Glass (LCD), IMD, Emitting Diode, Electrically conducting glass,LED, high-carbon resistor, IC package,high precision flat screen printing of other products.

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Machine Details


Technical parameters:





Printing area(MM)


Worktable area(MM)


Max mesh frame(MM)


Machine weight(KG)


Max speed(PCS/HR)




Air consumption(KGF/CM2)


Main features:

(1)Vertical structure or tetra style structure +treadmill structure, PLC programmable control, Human-computer interface operation panel.

(2)The screen printing plate lift up and down, the machine nose move front and back, the worktable move Left and right.

(3)Aluminium parts: Printing Beam, Sliding Sleeve, Machine nose, Screen Printing Plate Arm.

(4)Servo Motor drive printing knife shelf, quadrate linear precision guide rail,Adjust the speed and stroke independently.

(5)Variable frequency gear Reducer Motor drive screen printing plate lift up and down, move stably.

(6)Change gear motor drive left and right, precision linear guide rail, high precision mechanical positioning<0.008.

(7)It is equipped with powerful wind-absorbing equipment and precision fine turning handle on the Aluminium work table, chromatography conveniently.

(8)Installing CCD vision aiming system is to make sure printing precision and enhance rate of the finished products.

(9)There are three printing models (such as manual model, semi-auto model, and full-auto model) and double scraper printing model. You can print many times. Printing time can be controlled by digit(1-9seconds) indirectly.

(10)Independent machine nose lifting device makes it easy to clean, load and unload screen printing plate, ink-return blade and squeegee.

(11)It is equipped with screen space regulating device and snap-off screen printing plate device, move the screen printing arm lock conveniently,Choosing according to the craft.

(12)The angle of printing and ink-return can be adjusted.



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