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Ceramic Decal screen printer
  • Ceramic Decal screen printer

Ceramic Decal screen printer

Ceramic Decal screen printer application:
FPC flexible circuit board , Mobile phone lens , electric products , precision scutcheon , applique , advertising decoration and flat screen printing of other high precision products .

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Machine Details


Ceramic Decal screen printer main features:
1. Vertical structure,dual electromotion,IC program control, the screen printing plate lift up and down,the machine nose move front and back.

2. Cast Aluminum parts: Printing Beam,Sliding Sleeve,Machine nose,Screen Printing Plate Arm.

3. The lift of Screen printing p;late and printing process adopt independent drive source,move stably, the speed is adjustable.

4. Variable frequency motor drive printing knife shelf,quadrate linear precision guide rail,adjusts the speed and stroke independently.

5. Lift Reduction Gears made in Taiwan drive printing knife,quadrate plate to lift up and down,move stably.

6. There are high accurate grinding hardness platform and adsorption hoke on it;it is equipped with precise adjusting handle and accurate chromatography.

7. Sino-foreign joint venture Vacuum aspirator pump, powerful vacuum absorption can guarantee the precise multi-color chromatography.

8. There are three printing models (such as manual model,semi-auto model,and full-auto model)and double scraper printing model ,you can print many times ,auto printing time can be controlled by digit (1-9seconds)indirectly.

9. Independent machine nose lifting device makes it easy to clean ,load and unload screen printing plate,ink-return blade and squeegee.

10.It is equipped with screen space regulating device around screen printing plate arm clamps and adjust conveniently. 

11.The angle of printing and ink-return can be adjusted. It is equipped with pneumatic synchronization snap-off device.

Ceramic Decal screen printer technical parameters





Max speed(PCS/HR)


Printing area(MM)


Worktable area(MM)


Max mesh frame(MM)




Appearance dimension(L*B*H)MM





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