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Shenzhen Epole printing equipment co.,ltd
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Our company specialize in screen printing machine laminating machine and related ancillary facilitiesDrying equipmentAuxiliary equipment. a total of ten categories in more than 100 varieties of service gift packaging, electronics, toys, hardware plastic, PCB, solar photovoltaic, bio-ceramic IC circuits, and other new industries.

All of our products are produced through the established procedures to ensure product uniformity and stability of the standard, the company uses the world famous brand of electricity, gas parts.

Our Company is also committed to the development of technology, many senior professional specialist in printing industry are responsible for research and development. It can be customized non-standard equipment according to customers requirements to satisfy with each customer different craft and individual requirements.

Our company has pre-sales & after -sales professional services team, and reserve a number of technical personnel to support customers at any time and help customers to develop and research new technology.

Our printing equipment has passed CE certifications; our ink has passed ROHS certifications; we are audited supplier of SGS. Our Company has independent export license and successful foreign trading experience in Europe, Southeast Asia, Mid-East, North American, South American and other countries all over the world.

Main products: roll loading material screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, high-precision flat screen printing machine, laminating machine ,all kinds of printing and packaging auxiliary equipment which will be used in the printing process.

Warmly welcome all distributors around the world to visit our factory to exchange each other. Hope we can progress together.


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